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Welcome to the Prince Edward County Republican Party!

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As members of the local unit of the Republican Party, we proudly serve the Heart of Virginia by promoting Republican Party principles of a free-market economy, limited government, individual responsibility, the value of life, fiscal responsibility, and a strong national defense.

Please check the Events page for information on opportunities to meet local conservative activists, as well as candidates and elected leaders. The About Us page tells more about your local Republican Party, and how you can get involved. Use the Contact Us page if you have questions about upcoming events, or if you want to volunteer to help us win elections. The Blog page features articles by our members about current events.  Lastly be sure to sign up for our monthly Newsletter.

Since we rely entirely on member dues, donations, and fund-raising events to underwrite our activities (there is no paid staff), we welcome donations of money, volunteer time, and in-kind contributions. Everything we receive goes directly toward winning local, state and federal elections through voters here in Farmville and Prince Edward County.

Thank you again for visiting, and I hope you will join us in the cause for liberty!

For God and Country,

Cindy Koether, Chairman