“Thank You, Robert Hurt”

Published July 30, 2013

Published June 14, 2013 in The Farmville Herald


Thank you Robert Hurt for representing me! I may not be a “0.1 percenter” but I sure want to work and save like one. I want to be able to give my children and their children the values of self-government and liberty. I do not believe we can give those ideas without living them. One of the reasons it has been difficult to create class warfare in America is because there is no shame in being poor as long as you work hard and are honest.

I am responding to Mr. Robert J. Huskey’s letter to the editor on Wednesday, June 5, 2013.  Mr. Huskey makes several misleading and false statements in his attempt to attack Mr. Hurt. The attack falls apart when the red flags pop up with the oft’ used buz words which tell us more about Mr. Huskey and his agenda than Mr. Hurt’s inability to represent the interests of Virginia. When he uses statements such as “We asked for most of these regulations and have come to expect the safety and security they provide”, “business owners who care more about the bottom line than they care about their employees…”, “non-scandal” and the ever popular “0.1 percenters”.   Is Mr. Huskey pleased with tax payers spending millions on IRS parties and not on the security of our diplomatic and military personnel?

We sent Mr. Hurt to Washington because we were outraged regarding the federal government taking over our health insurance. Having the government take care of every aspect of our lives may be a good idea to some Americans but it does not work. It especially does not work if
we treasure the ideas of liberty and self-government. Can we grow a generation of self-governed people by allowing Washington’s Elite to dictate most aspects of our lives through these regulations which promise “safety and security” but do not deliver?

The government’s over regulation is stifling our economy – crushing our businesses and making it difficult for families to make ends meet. When discussing Obamacare specifically Mr. Huskey asks, “How can the health care law be increasing premiums and harm small businesses since it is not in effect?” Some elements of the law have already gone into effect and are negatively impacting many Americas. A recent Kaiser Foundation study found that Obamacare is having a significant impact on premium increases, with the average family seeing a $2,370 hike in their plan. Although the President promised that premiums would be $2,500 lower for the average family after his first term, they are actually about $3,000 higher. Due to the uncertainty the law has created, small businesses owners who have the ability to hire and expand won’t, which is devastating at a time when we need more jobs, not fewer.

Thank you, Robert Hurt for being committed to holding the Obama Administration accountable for its excessive overreach. Whether it is the IRS, the DOJ probe of the Associated Press, or the failure to properly address the situation in Benghazi, these are real scandals which are shaking the very foundations of our republic. Our constitutional rights must be protected, and I appreciate Representative Hurt supporting investigations into the Administration’s unwarranted and unjustified actions.

I wonder why Mr. Huskey sees safety and security when we, the People, are regulated but not when the government is regulated. Thank you Mr. Hurt for being my voice on Capitol Hill to stop the ridiculous waste of our tax dollars. Surely, Mr. Huskey and I can agree that the IRS should not use our money to party it up.

Kathy Tran
Prince Edward County

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