The Fight Is Not Over!

Published November 9, 2012

Friends & Fellow Patriots,

Unlike many well meaning people, I am not going to attempt to sugar coat our loss. I am a simple man and do not like political rhetoric and eloquence without substance. So I am just going to state the facts: we missed the boat this time.

But by no means was it for lack of effort. Every one of you poured your heart and soul into this campaign and gave sacrificially of your time and money to preserve this Nation and save us from the dangerous path we are on. For your efforts, I am deeply grateful.

Yes, this is a hard loss and a devastating blow to many of us, but we cannot allow ourselves to mope around pointing fingers at others or ourselves. This is a time for a renewal of purpose! We did not win this one, but we will win the next one!

We have a unique chance right now to make a comeback, to show the other side that we will not be defeated. To show them our renewed determination to take back this Country one election at a time. We need new ideas, new perspective, and new leaders.

In less than five weeks, we will be holding a special election for Treasurer of Prince Edward County. Brock Robinson is undoubtedly the best qualified for the job, and I am excited about electing him to fill this important office. Now is not the time to give up! It is now that we must show the other side that every time we get knocked down we rise up again stronger than before.

On Thursday we took down the Romney, Allen, and Hurt signs and put up Brock Robinson for Treasurer signs. Brock and I are ready to fight again. Will you join us?

For God and Country,

Daniel Bradshaw

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